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Our Restaurant

Our Restaurant

The Antica Trattoria Alla Fossetta, restaurant in Musile di Piave (near San Donà di Piave) specializing in typical Venetian cuisine, takes its name from the homonymous canal: the Fossetta was an important route to Venice since 1500.

«In questa porziuncola di terra veneziana era un gran fermento di vita, in cui i linguaggi più disparati, i dialetti più diversi, i costumi più disuguali, della Dominante, del Trevisano, del Friuli, dell’Istria, della Stiria, della Carinzia, dell’Austria e della Germania, venivano a confondersi nel mormorio delle infinite calotterici turbinanti…».

On these words G. Pavanello, who was a historian born in Meolo in 1871 and died in Venice in 1933, evokes the “acoustics sounds” of the Fossetta ferry, the sound of its antiquity: it is the itinerary of the longboat that starts from Fondamenta Nuove in Venice and arrives to that small piece of venetian land which is the Antica Trattoria Alla Fossetta; it is a “connecting ring” that from centuries links the heart of Venice with a “remote” corner of the mainland, where “the beginning of a long and straight path” is located “at the end of an endless stream”.

“Locale Storico Veneto”, Fossetta is managed since 1986 by Doretto Family: until 2015 with mr. Riccardo as well; today lady Elsa continues tirelessly to follow her sons, Flavio in the kitchen, Alessandro in the main hall and daughter-in-law Mariella (Flavio’s wife), at the bar to receive customers.

Current restaurant, built in 1913, is located quite close to to the XVII century’s original site.
The restaurant is divided into small rooms:
the Frescoes’ Room with 12 seats,
the Painting’s Room with 24 seats,
the Artists’ Room with 18 seats,
the Tavern with a view to the burning grill,
the main hall, where you can see the table many times used by Ernest Hemingway returning from his hunting trips in Caorle (witnessed by an autograph).
In summer season you can have lunch in a cozy garden with playground.

Doretto Family offers typical Venetian cuisine, which is based mainly on delicious appetizers depending on the season: here we find spontaneous spring herbs, “Radicchio Verdon” of Roncade, Violet Artichoke of S. Erasmo, asparagus grown along the Piave, Cavallino’s vegetables, Radicchio of Chioggia, Radicchio Rosso of Treviso, mushrooms and exclusive cured meats, such as the Brasiola® of Piave and the Fuméra® of Piave.

Then we find homemade pasta, prepared by lady Elsa, with duck or vegetable sauces. Of course there’s also Pasta and Fagioli, Risi and Tochi (every Wednesday based on the recipe codified by the “Brotherhood of Risi and Tochi”), grilled meat and, only in winter, the mixed boiled meat with by various sauces.
Last but not least: we are close to the sea, so we always have excellent fish dishes.